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October 8, 2010

September Update


October Update


November Update Calendar Fall 2010 Update

Calendar Fall 2010 Update

Calendar Fall 2010 Update


Meeting 9-14-10 @ 6pm Gr223

September 9, 2010
Meeting 9-14-10 @ 6pm Gr223

Meeting 9-14-10 @ 6pm Gr223

Scavenger Hunt

August 30, 2010

Full PDF List:  Scavenger Hunt

Photo Society will be hosting a photo scavenger hunt as our first semester activity. We will be dividing everyone into groups of four, some new students and some older students, so everyone can meet new people and learn from each other! The list of dares has over 400 options to choose from, each having different point values. Your group may pick and choose which photos to take. The deadline for submissions is Sept 13th @ 10pm via Flickr group: Please name your pictures correctly and upload the entire groups at once and submit them so they will be together. We will total your points after the deadline. If you would like to total your points there is an excel sheet you can fill out, it will self total at the bottom for you! It is on UCM server> gatm > phot > photo society > Fun Stuff > scavenger hunt totals.xslm, you may save a copy as “scavenger hunt totals_group#.xslm”


  1. If your image is not named and numbered correctly, it will be disqualified.
  2. If the Photo Society Officers decides your image does not match the description, it will be disqualified.
  3. If any team member appears naked, endangers themselves/others, destroys property, or commits a crime the WHOLE TEAM will be disqualified!
  4. Entire Team means your ENTIRE TEAM. You WILL require a fifth party to get all four of you in one single frame. Complete strangers are often really helpful in this regard.
  5. Person, Place or Thing. Means ACTUAL item, you may NOT take a photo of a photo of a mullet, nor may you find the image online and pretend that you took the pic.
  6. Someone can be ANYONE a friend, relative, a teammate, a roommate, a stranger, a cop, a waitress, we don’t care; we just want that action immortalized digitally.
  7. Stranger means someone you DO NOT KNOW and once they’ve taken a shot with you, they are now family, EVERY Stranger picture will require someone NEW.
  8. Teammate means one of the four people signed up on the team, one of the four folks who are on your team and appear in every single Entire Team picture.
  9. Each picture may count only for one item a shot of a deer in headlight giving birth is worth only deer in headlights or something giving birth NOT BOTH.
  10. Number your photos. If we cannot figure out what your picture is, we will not count it. 
  11. NEVER EVER do anything dangerous, illegal, or damage property! We do not want you hurt in any way. If you do not like a dare, don’t do it! Move to a different number! You are NOT REQUIRED to do them ALL, just the ones you want. This is supposed to be for fun.
  12. Team with the most points wins!    Submit images labeled: Team # _ # of dare    ex] Team3_405          
    (Make sure they are all numbered the same way and uploaded together so they show up together.)
    via Flickr group:                         Due by Sept 13th @ 10pm
Scavenger Hunt-1

Scavenger Hunt-1


Scavenger Hunt-2

Scavenger Hunt-2


Scavenger Hunt-3

Scavenger Hunt-3


Scavenger Hunt-4

Scavenger Hunt-4


Scavenger Hunt-5

Scavenger Hunt-5

First Officers Meeting Recap

August 19, 2010

Our first official Photo Society meeting will be held Tuesday August 31st at Cave Hollow for our welcome BBQ – all photo students are welcome. The BBQ is FREE!
Dues are $10 for semester and $15 for year.
We have moved this year’s meetings to Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.
The officers discussed activities and events to plan for the upcoming year; nothing is set in stone yet, but within the next few weeks we should have a schedule ready!
We hope to see more people there this year!

Your Photo Society Secretary,
Shayla Lee


March 26, 2010


The qualifications for the Executive Council are:  

1.) Must be a declared Photo Major. 

2.) Major G.P.A must be 2.7 or higher. 

3.) President and Vice President may only be held by either a Junior or Senior standing. 

4.) Must be a Sophomore or above for any other offices. 

5.) Must be a previous Photo Society member. 

6.) Completed one full year of membership of Photo Society and be a current member. 

7.) At least one full school year remaining at The University of Central Missouri. 


The Executive Council consists of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, Publicity Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Fundraiser Chair, and Expo Coordinator. Committee positions are on a volunteer basis from photo society members. The committees are as follow and can be added on without amendments when the occasion arises: Fundraising, Web Design, Expo, Activities, and Philanthropy.  

The President shall have the power to call special meetings and see to it that all officers of the Society discharge their duties impartially, accurately, and promptly. The President shall have the power to sign all certificates of Membership and may countersign checks issued by the society. The President shall see to the compliance of all members of the Society to the rules and regulations set forth by this Constitution. The President should be responsible for registering the Photographic Society every semester with Campus Activities. 

The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of the duties of the President. He/She shall succeed to the power and duties of the President in the temporary absence or disability of the President. He/She shall have charge of the committees and plan activities, trips, and classes for the Society. The Committee chairs should routinely report to the Vice President on the status of that particular committee. 

The Treasurer shall receive and expend all monies of the Society and keep an accurate and current account of all monies. The Treasurer, along with the President, shall have the authorization to sign all Photographic Society checks. Additionally, He/She shall make weekly reports via email to the executive council on the status of funds and announce the status at the meetings. He/She shall be in charge of collecting funds at meetings, events, and fundraisers. He/She shall be in charge of counting down the drawer to $75 and depositing all extra cash and checks in a timely manner (with-in the week received.) Every time a deposit or withdrawal is made, He/She is responsible for immediately logging it and keeping accurate books for the Society. 

The Secretary shall keep a written or typed record of all ideas, decisions, and occurrences during every meeting. Additionally He/She shall be in charge of the voting process for elections. 

The Publicity Relations Chair shall provide information to all members about meetings and upcoming events, as well as informing the general public of these events. Duties include creating posters, as well as newspaper, radio, and television advertisements. He/She is also responsible for all web pages, social networks, and photography sites. He/She is responsible for verbally informing students of upcoming events. He/She is also responsible for any committee members they so choose to help with duties. 

The Membership Chair is responsible for keeping updated logs of current and past members, along with helping the recruitment of new members and reaching out to our alumni members. 

The Philanthropy Chair is responsible for all public service and charitable contributions that Photo Society helps each semester. They should schedule events and report progress of said events at each meeting. 

The Fundraising Chair shall be in charge of the fundraising committee and is to be in charge of collecting information and delegating tasks. The Fundraising committee shall raise money to help pay for meetings, classes, trips, and EXPO. He/She shall plan special fundraisers to help pay for a Photo Society group trip to Imaging USA every January. 


 The Expo Coordinator is in charge of setting up the Expo competition. Expo Coordinator signs up for 3 credits of a “Special Project” through the School of Technology office. To help out with the cost of the credits, Photo Society will help raise funds to off-set the cost for said Coordinator. To help out this position, the expo committee will be under direct supervision of this chair. 

Photo Society Officer Application

Photo Society Officer Application

EXPOSURE — UCM Photo Competition!

March 16, 2010

Hi Everyone! Here’s a rundown of the rules and categories! Categories and info

So get some awesome stuff ready!!! Collection starts the first week of April outside Grinstead 106!!

Categories and info

Don’t forget to take a look at the 2009 winners under the EXPO 2010 page!

Minuets 3-11-10

March 11, 2010

Members present: 12


– Read and revised Photo Society Constitution

– Voted on moving elections to February and shadowing current officers until May.

– Theme contest winner – Hannah Brewer for “Light Painting”

– Photo Society is looking into Canon/Nikon adapters for lenses for check-out.

-Next meeting will open positions for Candidates for next years Officers.

-Will elect new EXPO Coordinator at  the next meeting so they can begin shadowing Rosie and this years EXPO.

-Next Meetings contest Theme: Travel

-Next meeting we will continue the “Senior Experience” Photo Vision DVD

-Next Meeting is 3-25-10 @7pm in Grinstead 112. Officers meeting will be at 6:30pm before the meeting. Committee Meetings will be immediately following the 7pm meeting.